WSD Motions

Equality in Forensics publishes 6 unique practice motions for World Schools Debate every Tuesday!
These can be used on a regular basis for practice rounds and scrimmages.
Every week, we publish 3 prepared motions and 3 impromptu motions.
You can find a doc with all past motions at the bottom.

Motions last updated April 16th, 2024.

This week's prepped motions

Infoslide: Following the release of Metro Boomin and Future’s collaborative album We Don’t Trust You, the rap scene was seemingly divided in two after the song “Like That” featured a verse by Kendrick Lamar hurling insults at Drake. The biggest names in rap began taking sides in the feud. You are an up-and-coming rapper who recently had a viral hit with hundreds of millions of streams, but you are concerned that your 15 minutes of fame may be slipping away. 

Impromptu Motion 1

Infoslide: You are a passionate engineering major at a highly reputable institution who intends to obtain a doctorate and pursue research in the field. In your senior year of undergraduate college, you are approached by a military contractor company and offered a lucrative job with an incredibly high income. 

Motion: This House would turn down the job

Impromptu Motion 2

Assuming feasibility, This House would entirely pause the further development of artificial intelligence 

Impromptu Motion 3

This House opposes the culture of second chances