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  • 1750+ community members

  • 50+ student-written articles

  • 6 free online tournaments

  • 350+ competitors hosted free

The stats don't lie...

...speech & debate for all.

What do our students 

have to say?

What about our history 

of free tournaments?

We have hosted 6 free tournaments since 2021.

Too few debaters have no opportunities to compete on a national level against top notch competitors. Our tournaments give everyone a chance to practice, improve, and network with debaters across the country - 100% free. We organize experienced competitors and coaches to volunteer at our tournaments, giving high quality feedback to all competitors.

How about our

free coaching programs?

Equality in Forensics has operated a variety of 100% free, online coaching programs, lectures, workshops, and camps. Read about them here.

Free 1-on-1 coaching

From August of 2022 to February of 2023, we paired students up with volunteer coaches for 1-on-1 mentoring.

Congress Coach Roster

> Nicholas Ostheimer

> Arik Karim

> Fiona Zhou

> Sarah Yousif

> CJ Getting

World Schools Coach Roster

> Brett Banks

> Bodhi Silberling

> Rodrigo Trujilo

> Diego Castillo

> Ollie Braden

Weekly congress labs

From February to April of 2023, we paired students up with workshops that met every week to learn and practice congressional debate.

Our students went on to win 1st and 2nd place at the Florida Novice State Championship, make semifinals at the UK Tournament of Champions, finals at MS TOC and MS Harvard, and even win the National Catholic Forensic League Championship!

Congress Coach Roster

> Advanced Lab: Nicholas Ostheimer

> Intermediate Lab: Sarah Yousif

> Beginner Lab: CJ Getting

2023 Pre-NSDA Camp

To help underprivileged students across the country prepare for the NSDA National Speech & Debate Championship, we hosted a week long online camp in congressional debate and extemporaneous speaking.

Congress Coach Roster

> Red Lab: Nicholas Ostheimer and Carter McDonald

> Blue Lab: CJ Getting and Georgia Liu

> Green Lab: Theodore Gercken, Waleed Haider, and Aidan Marks