We take accountability seriously

Equality in Forensics values integrity, respect, service, and excellence. We hold ourselves accountable to these values in the fulfillment of our mission.

Staff accountability policy

All members of Equality in Forensics are held to the Equality in Forensics honor code. To ensure that Equality in Forensics demonstrates excellence and integrity in the fulfillment of its mission, all staff members are held to a high standard of activity, honesty, and responsibility.

Being a staff member in Equality in Forensics is not a decorative title. There are enforced responsibilities and standards for all staff members, including members of the Board of Directors.

Honor Code

       Debate for all.


The code we live by.

Equality in Forensics Bylaws AMND 4


On all Equality in Forensics platforms, events, and activities, there are accessible and regularly checked systems to report objectionable behavior.

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