There are many other organizations dedicated to the same mission as we are: making speech & debate more accessible and inclusive.


Space City Camp

Space City Camp is a free, online World Schools Debate and speech summer camp founded by the 2021 national champions in WSD.

Every summer, SCC offers free, online programs in WSD, EXT, and interp events targeted at underprivileged students, schools, and communities.

Impact Institute

The Impact Institute is an organization dedicated to breaking down classist barriers to participation in congressional debate.

The Impact Institute has also created free congress briefs for the national tournament in 2021, 2022, and 2023.


Academy37 is a student-led nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to speech and debate and teaching Extemporaneous Speaking.

They have hosted free lectures, workshops, and summer camps in extemporaneous speaking featuring multiple national finalists and champions.

Outreach Debate

Outreach Debate is an organization dedicated to accessibility and connecting debaters on an international level. It provides free resources, YouTube videos, mentorships, camps, and tournaments.

Outreach has hosted numerous free Public Forum debate workshops, camps, and coaching sessions.


These are communities of speech & debate competitors, judges, and coaches.

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