Who We Are

Equality in Forensics is a student-run nonprofit organization that provides free and online resources to make speech and debate more accessible to students, educators, and coaches across America. We host a regularly updated blog, produce free and online resources, sponsor free coaching services, and host fantastic events.

Equality in Forensics was founded in December of 2021 by four students who experienced the fantastic benefits of speech and debate, observed the inequality prevalent throughout forensics, and saw a lack of action. We decided to take the initiative, and founded Equality in Forensics to make speech and debate more accessible to students across the country.


Every student deserves access to forensics.

Speech and debate for all.

The Board Of Directors

Nicholas Ostheimer

Executive Director

Nicholas Ostheimer is a Sophomore at FAU High School, and has competed in Congressional Debate since 6th grade. He has won 1st place at Blue Key, the UK Season Opener, and Nova Titan Invitational. He has also made finals at tournaments like Sunvite, Emory, Princeton, and Stanford. He is the president of the FAU High School speech & debate team, and the founder of Equality in Forensics. In his spare time, he studies classical architecture and goes to the beach.

Theodore Gercken

Media Director

Theodore Gercken is a Senior from College Prep in California and has competed in Extemporaneous Speech since his freshman year. This year, he broke to semifinals at the TOC and NSDA and is currently (as of the beginning of August) ranked #1 in the country by Extemp NSDA points. He also works as the Extemp Captain at his school to help build up the team by recruiting and encouraging more first-year students to join the event. In his spare time, he can usually be found hanging out with his poodle or doing various jobs for Libertarian organizations around the country.

Venkata Yenuganti

Forensics Director

Venkata Yenuganti is a Junior from Newman Smith High School and has competed in LD since his freshman year. He has about 540 NSDA points which places him first in Texas for Extemp Debate and 6th in the nation. He has also beaten members of USA debate. In his spare time, he reads about business and works out at the gym!  

Arik Karim

Event Director

Arik Karim is a Junior at Dreyfoos School of the Arts and has competed in many events (Congressional Debate, Impromptu Speaking, Original Oratory, Extemp Debate, Public Forum, Extemp Speaking, Big Questions Debate, and World Schools Debate). As a debater, he has placed at major tournaments on the local, state, and national levels (Florida Blue Key, Florida Varsity States, George Mason University, Emory University, the NSDA National Tournament, etc.). In addition, he is the incoming debate captain at Dreyfoos and seeks to improve the quality of speech and debate for all members of the community!

Our Bylaws

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