Speech and debate is one of the most valuable high school activities a student can get involved in. Yet, the activity is far from equal. Many institutions have access to extensive resources, top notch coaching, and subsidized travel. Millions of students are denied these valuable opportunities solely because of the wealth of their family, community, and school.





Equality in Forensics is a student-run nonprofit organization that provides free and online resources to make speech and debate more accessible to students, educators, and coaches across America. We host a regularly updated blog, produce free and online resources, sponsor free coaching services, and host free online events.

Equality in Forensics was founded in December of 2021 by four students who experienced the fantastic benefits of speech and debate, observed the inequality prevalent throughout forensics, and saw a lack of action. We decided to take the initiative, and founded Equality in Forensics to make speech and debate more accessible to students across the country.

speech & debate for all.