NSDA Nats 

Practice Questions

This packet contains 10 questions of each topic area in International and United States Extemp at the NSDA National Tournament. They are provided to the public for free for the purpose of providing an opportunity to practice for the National Tournament. 

However, they remain the intellectual property of Equality in Forensics and its contributors and are not to be used for any official tournaments. 

Questions written by Arkana Anwar, Ellyott Siffring, Paul Robinson, Robert Zhang, Ruhaan Sood, Sasha Morel, Sahana Srikanth, Tanmay Rai, Valor Lekas, and Waleed Haider. 

Project directed by Paul Robinson.


Arts and Entertainment


Entitlements and Healthcare

Environment and Energy

The Executive Branch

The First Amendment

The Judicial Branch

The Legislative Branch

Social Justice

Science and Technology

U.S. Economics and Business

U.S. Foreign Policy

The U.S. Next Week



Central and South America

Central and South Asia

East and Southeast Asia

Environmental Issues


Global Human Rights

International Diplomacy

International Economics

Asia and Northern Africa

Militaries and Armed Conflict

North America and the Caribbean

The World Next Week

PDF Version

EIF Pre-NSDA Question Packet.pdf