The Problem

Speech and debate is one of the most valuable high school activities a student can get involved in. Yet, the activity is far from equal. Well-funded teams can set their students up for success with extensive resources, top notch coaching, and subsidized travel to tournaments everywhere. Millions of students are denied these valuable opportunities solely because of the wealth of their family, community, and school.

The Solution

Equality in Forensics has a mission of making speech and debate accessible to high school students across the country. We accomplish this through substantive, impactful activism.

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Equality in Forensics is always looking for new, dedicated volunteers.

Want to be a writer for our blog? Want to help us create free, online resources? Want to coach underprivileged students? Equality in Forensics is the right place for you. We're always looking for dedicated, talented volunteers who can help us make speech and debate a more welcoming, accessible, and fun space.

We hold our team to a high standard.

All staff members are required to put in work corresponding to their skills and motivations, and are held to an Honor Code. We interview all applicants before they become members of Equality in Forensics. Volunteering with Equality in Forensics comes with commitment - this is not a decorative title.

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