As speech and debate shifts more and more towards online activities, new avenues of communication and collaboration are essential. Equality in Forensics hosts an active and tight-knit community on Discord, a casual online social media platform.

Come join us!


Talk to other students to build up your forensic skills. From novices looking to learn the basics to experienced seniors searching for tips to perfect their craft, our community is here to help you!


With one of our many Voice Channels or Stages, you can hold impromptu rounds with anyone on the server and allow everyone to watch, judge, and improve their own skills.


Give back to the community by sharing your knowledge with the next generation of speakers and debaters. We were all novices once, so let's be there for the new beginners!

Sit and Listen No Longer

The fast-paced world of forensics lacks one-on-one interaction and instruction. Our Discord server allows the speech and debate community to learn, grow, and network together. Countless debaters have furthered their careers and skills by learning from and working with others on our Discord server.

Our Discord server has hosted many successful events, including tournaments, lectures, and workshops. To stay on top of the opportunities we present, join the server today!


Online communities such as our discord server can be a great place to hang out, learn, teach, and have fun. Alongside enforcing server rules, we have put in place the following safety measures to keep our Discord server secure.

1. Verification: All new users who join the Discord server are required to prove they are part of the speech and debate community, and not a bot.

2. Reporting: Any user can anonymously report another user or any undesirable situation by logging a report in the #reports channel. A user may navigate to the channel and type r!report with your message (or Direct Message a staff member for convenience or in case of an outage in the report bot), and a staff member will be notified to deal with the situation.

3. Zero Tolerance Policy: Users engaging in scamming, bad-faith behavior, bigotry, or any action that goes against Discord Terms of Service, will be banned from the server and Equality in Forensics services.

Read more about our accountability policy.