World Schools Coaching

We pair mentors with mentees on a case by case basis for weekly office hours. To apply for mentoring, click on your event of choice below and review the possible mentors. Then, click the button at the top of the page to fill out the mentoring request.

Our WSD Coach Team:

Ollie Braden

Hi! My name is Ollie Braden, and I’m a senior at Jackson Reed HS in DC. I am currently a member of the USA Debate Team. I’ve debated since eighth grade, starting with trad LD and PF, although WSD has definitely become my favorite event at this point. I was a semifinalist & 3rd speaker at NSDA nats in worlds in my sophomore year and competed for Team USA Dev as a junior, as well as regularly breaking to late elims in tournaments like UPenn, Coppell, Greenhill, etc, finaling at Blake, and championing DTA. I’ve also done pretty okay in PF, earning TOC bids at NCFLS as a sophomore and junior. I have a good amount of experience coaching newer debaters in these events and am happy to help out in any way I can :)

Rodrigo Trujilo

Rodrigo Trujillo is an experienced World School Debater and has competed in speech and debate for 7 years. In high school, they competed for NSDA Team USA and championed many prestigious tournaments including Harvard-Westlake, The Greenhill Classic, The Stanford Invitational and NSDA Nationals 2021. As a college competitor, Rodrigo has made it as far as semifinals in both AFA and NFA national tournaments. As a coach, Rodrigo has coached at several high school and middle school level camps including the HUDL-Case camp, Advantage, The Global Debate Symposium, and has even co-founded the Space City Camp.

Karam Weigert

I am Karam Weigert and this is my 4th year in extemp and 2nd year in world schools debate. I am the #1 ranked debater in DC by NSDA points. In extemp, I have made the final rounds of NCFL Nationals and Villiger, as well as semifinals at Bronx, Duke, and Barkley. In world schools debate, I have reached the semifinals round of NSDA Nationals and received a top-14 speaker award. As a coach I have coached debaters of all ages and was the head coach of Alice Deal Middle School and helped them achieve the status as a “School of Excellence” last year at MS Nats. I have a lot of experience with teaching people from scratch and making them tournament ready in no time!

Brett Banks

Hi, I’m Brett Banks, and I'm a senior. I primarily compete in world schools debate and public forum. My accomplishments in worlds include placing top 16 in the nation at NSDA nats my junior year, top 32 my senior year, being the 4th speaker out of over 950 people at nats my senior year. I have seen success in the international world schools debate league, beating numerous national teams. I placed 5th at TFA State in WSD, qualified to TFA State in PF and WSD multiple times, and I’ve won dozens of locals.

Bodhi Silberling

Hey everyone! I’m Bodhi, and I am a senior. I’ve competed in a variety of events, but mainly focus on World Schools and Parliamentary (in the CHSSA, APDA, and BP styles). I have also competed and helped grow the Public Debate Program (PDP), an alternative debate organization to the NSDA with a format that closely mirrors World Schools, and have taught it to middle school and early high school debaters as a coach at the Claremont Debate Summer Program for multiple years. My accomplishments include championing World Schools at NSDA Nationals in 2022 out of 950 debaters, championing World Schools at Berkeley in 2022, championing PDP Nationals in 2021, championing the Pan American Debate Championship in British Parliamentary in 2020, making quarterfinals at the Online European Debate Championship in 2020, and winning a few other local tournaments and PDP tournaments.

Arik Karim

Arik Karim (he/him) is a junior at Dreyfoos School of the Arts, debate captain of the Dreyfoos Debate Team, and the Event Director of Equality in Forensics. Arik primarily competes in Congressional Debate. Arik has semifinalled the 2022 NSDA National Tournament in Congress, been the runner-up at the 2022 FFL Varsity State Tournament in World Schools, and made outrounds at multiple national circuit tournaments. In his free time, Arik enjoys reading up on political philosophy while sipping on mint tea.